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The fire helmet has evolved to become the ultimate head and upper body protection equipment, preventing injury not only from falling materials, but additionally, burns from fire and steam, electrical shock as well as giving shelter from the elements. Inside the helmet, a NAPE strap allows you to create a precise adjustment for the exact size of your head -- this strap is the same type found in bump caps and military helmets. A chin strap fastens the helmet more securely to your head, preventing it from wobbling due to its own weight.

Many models of helmets include or provide attachments for a visor or flip-down goggles for eye protection. These protect against both fire and related debris, as well as debris commonly flung during vehicle extrication.

The colors of a helmet may have deep significance from station to station, representing authority or rank. Helmets traditionally display a frontal shield representing one's rank, number, and identifying their department..
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