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Today's turnout coats are manufactured with strict specifications that ensure the flexibility and safety of its wearer. Designed to insulate your body from external temperatures, turnout coats will keep your body temperature at an absolute minimum. They're typically constructed with an outer Nomex & Kevlar blend. A water resistant design with multiple inner layers provides both thermal insulation and a moisture barrier typically consisting of "Breathe-Tex" patented material.

In the US, turnout coats must adhere to a NFPA 1975 standard, which ensures that no part of the coat will suffer any damaging effects from heat or fire at 500 F for 5 minutes. There are numerous other safety features that can be found, thanks to the NFPA 1500 standard -- these may include upgraded collars and sleeve protection. Turnout coats always feature a construction that allows for easy on & off capabilities, as well as reflective striping.

Save money and enjoy the same results with a pre-used turnout coat from today's popular equipment manufacturers.
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